Source code for eventsourcing.domain.model.snapshot

from typing import Dict, Optional, Any
from uuid import UUID

from import (
from eventsourcing.infrastructure.base import AbstractSnapshop

[docs]class Snapshot( EventWithTimestamp, EventWithOriginatorVersion, EventWithOriginatorID, AbstractSnapshop, ):
[docs] def __init__( self, originator_id: UUID, originator_version: int, topic: str, state: Optional[Dict], ): super(Snapshot, self).__init__( originator_id=originator_id, originator_version=originator_version, topic=topic, state=state, )
@property def topic(self) -> str: """ Path to the class of the snapshotted entity. """ return self.__dict__["topic"] @property def state(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ State of the snapshotted entity. """ return self.__dict__["state"]