Support options

Thank you for your interest in this library. It has taken some time to create. Similarly it may take some time to understand, and a sustained effort to develop well-designed event-sourced applications.

To supplement the detailed documentation, professional training and development services are available. Friendly community support is also available on the Slack channel.

If you see any errors or have any issues when using the library or reading the documentation, please raise an issue on GitHub, create a pull request, or start a discussion in the Slack channel.

If you like the project, please support the continuing maintenance of this library by starring the project on GitHub, by sponsoring the project, or by making a donation.

Professional support

Professional services are available to help developers and managers with the development and management of event-sourced applications and systems.

  • Address specific concerns with how your event-sourced application or system is built and run.

  • Overall assessment of your existing implementation, with recommendations for improvement.

  • Development of applications and systems for production use.

  • Development of prototype or sample applications.

  • Training and coaching developers.

Please contact John Bywater via the Slack channel for more information about professional support.

Training workshops

Training workshops are available to help developers more quickly learn how to use the library. Workshop participants will be guided through a series of topics, gradually discovering what the library is capable of doing, and learning how to use the library effectively.

Please contact John Bywater via the Slack channel for more information about training workshops.

Community support

The library has a growing community that may be able to help.

  • You can ask questions on the Slack channel.

  • You can also register issues and requests on our issue tracker.